T2S is progressively commiting to an environmental and social aproach for 3 years now. This ambitious project for our SME, is a major way of development rooted in the company's policy.

That's why T2S is conform to the ISO 9001 standard (2015 version) and to the ISO 14001 standard (2015 version) after it got the "IMPRIM'VERT®" label. 
Reinforced by its certifications, T2S deeply encourages its partners to also invest in a RSE process, in order to even more reinforce our commitment.

So far, the regulatory obligations and the environnemental analysis of our activities enable us to define 9 of our priorities  :

1. Risk control and prevention of polluting liquid accidentally spread,

2. Control and analysis of polluted water releases,

3. Analysis and follow up of our products,

4. Fire risk prevention,

5. Chimical products' dosage,

6. Control of Atmospheric releases,

7. Waste management,

8. Communication with our co-workers,

9. T2S encourages its partners.

"We all are actors of the sustainable development.
Ressources are non-renewable. It's up to us to ensure we limit our consumption".